Switching into Travel Mode

Everyone knows the feeling.

A week, maybe two, before going on holiday, the buzz hits.

A wave of excitation, exasperation, and exhaustion floods your brain, and you go crazy. Rushing around the house in this half-dazed panic state. Where are the passports? Where are our clothes? Where are our toothbrushes?

Hang on a sec, why are we packing the toothbrushes? We still need them!

There are piles of clothes everywhere. Wardrobes are turned inside out searching for those old swimming trunks, only to find out they don’t fit! Right. Off shopping. Let’s spend hundreds of pounds on beach towels, white t-shirts, and a brand new kettle since you’re scared that other countries don’t understand the British love of tea.

Eventually the day arrives and you all pile into a taxi headed straight to the airport. After a few setbacks, such returning to pick up the passports, and then the children, you realise you forgot the toothbrushes. It’s a unanimous agreement that they’re not worth another trip back to the house. Guess you’ll be picking some up in Duty Free.

Finally, after all the commotion and hassle, you can sit back in a metal box with wings, and watch as the ground gets further and further away.

In the end, is it really worth it?

Hell yes.

All the preparation, aka running around like a headless chicken, is just part of the fun. But don’t worry, there are always clever tips to lessen the stress.

If you’re ever lucky enough to travel, go for it. There are so many amazing places out there to explore. Don’t waste such an incredible opportunity.

Switch into Travel Mode and enjoy the ride.


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