Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Łódź Day 3

First full day of exploring in Łódź and really the only option for the first stop was heading out for a fun time at the zoo. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with all creatures large and small – and that is not an understatement.

2016 08 16 (8)

I purchased tram tickets at a local kiosk and jumped aboard. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the newer vehicles with free WiFi, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference as the journey’s short. Half an hour and one switch later, I arrived at Łódź Zoo.

Sadly, you won’t find many souvenirs in the zoo aside from stuffed animals, so take a lot of photos to remember your visit. Entry is 15 zl for adults and 8 zl reduced (students, seniors, and children) which comes out to around £3/£2.50. This is incredibly worth it as the zoo is packed full of a diverse range of animals – from elephants to cranes to penguins.

2016 08 16 (15)

If you do want a little something to take home, souvenir coins are available for 5 zl. It has to be a single 5 zl coin, unfortunately, and you can choose between four options: lion, giraffe, lemur, and red panda. Don’t forget to visit the Mini Zoo, where children can run in and pet or feed the animals. And then there’s also an Aquarium available on site. Why don’t you pop in and see if you can find Dory? I did.

2016 08 16 (56)

I spent about 3 hours inside, but if you’re willing to sit in a cafe and enjoy the free WiFi and hot tasty waffles, then you can easily stretch the time to a full day trip. Just don’t forget to visit the park on the other side of the road too. Park Piłsudskiego may not be home to any exotic creatures, but it does host the Pomnik Czynu Rewolucyjnego. This is a monument commemorating the 1905 industrial insurrection against Imperial Russia – when the Polish workers rose up against the Russian Empire.

2016 08 16 (23)

Once the trip was over, I hopped back on a tram to my hostel, rested for a few hours, and then went back out again. This time it was about a half an hour walk to the Muzeum Kinematografii. It’s a small building in the middle of a park, and the only sign for its existence is located 100m from the entrance.

Tickets are normally 10 zl / 7 zl but yesterday (Tuesday) was a free admission day. I find that most places in Poland have a free admission day every week so it pays to do your research and plan ahead to help keep costs low. The museum has some fun and interesting exhibitions about the history of film and cinemas in Lodz but you’ll find that the majority don’t have english translations.

2016 08 16 (74)

I’m afraid Łódź is just not a tourist town so unless you’re proficient in Polish, be prepared to look and not understand.

Still no news from the Hospital so it looks like I’ll be spending a few more days in Łódź – plenty of time to continue exploring. Stay tuned.

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