The White Factory – Łódź Day 7

Erected in the years 1835-1886, the White Factory is an example of beautiful industrial architecture, and also hosts the Central Museum of Textiles – a must-see for anyone wishing to discover what made Łódź how it is today.

Saturday is a day of free admission for the permanent exhibition, or you can choose to pay the entrance fee to gain access to everything the museum has to offer. This ticket costs 10/6 zl, and, in my opinion, is worth it just for the lovely artwork and tapestries.

2016 08 20 (10)

The museum can seem like a maze to newcomers, but I suggest starting at the top and working your way down. On the first floor, there’s a corridor leading out of the main building which will take you to the exhibition of old sewing machines and other bits of machinery. You can then leave through the back entrance and find yourself in the courtyard, where a passageway brings you back to the museum entrance.

Once you’ve explored inside, don’t forget to wander through the exhibits in the Open Air Museum. These are accessible only with a ticket from the Central Museum of Textiles, but are included in the free ticket. The church and House no. 6 are only available at certain times of the day (every 2 hours) so try and time your visit right.

2016 08 20 (24)

Before 1990, Łódź’s economy was heavily based in the textile industry, and so this museum is very important in reminding locals and tourists of Łódź’s origins, before it grew into one of the most multicultural and industrial centres in Europe. Textiles put Łódź on the map, and they wouldn’t be where they are without it.

2016 08 20 (17)

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