Life As A Local – Łódź Day 10

So, as the title suggests, it was my tenth day in Łódź with no news on how long I’ll be staying or when my trip will end. I realised I’d spent a long time blogging about all the tourist spots I visited and some bits of history about the area, but not much about day-to-day life.

Let’s start with shopping. You’ve all heard me talk about ulica Piotrkowska which has a few souvenir shops, cheap odds and ends stores, and a variety of restaurants. But the real shopping is elsewhere. There are shopping centres along most major roads filled with high end fashion stores and open until late at night. And don’t forget the Manufaktura, which is an old factory converted into a shopping centre, also hosting a cinema, museum, and art gallery.

Entertainment is another key part to living. The nightlife along ulica Piotrkowska can be quite loud and busy, but if you’re just heading to the pub to watch the football, then it’s perfect. There are a few clubs dotted around and plenty of beer gardens at no more than 8 zl for a pint. But one interesting form of entertainment in Łódź is heading to the cinema. It’s nothing like what you might see in the US or UK, showing mainly non-American or independent films, which makes a nice change for an evening out.

For your sporting needs, the Łódź marathon is hosted every year and is very popular with locals and visitors alike. It offers a variety of distances to run. Then there’s the Fala Aquapark. This is one of the largest aquaparks in Poland with a huge swimming complex. It also contains Sauna World with 5 saunas, 2 steam rooms, and an outdoor area for nude sunbathing.

Whenever you’re attempting to do as the locals do, I suggest heading to the local markets. Łódź has several. There’s a big open air market on Saturdays called Baluty Market where you can buy vegetables, clothes, and live animals. Just down the road is another market, vegetable-only this time. Zielony rynek is the place to buy any homemade products like honey or bread. And finally, the Gorniak Market is popular with the locals, selling high-quality clothes at a low price.

Łódź is great for walking. With so many green spaces, and free WiFi to tempt you out into the fresh air, you could spend hours wandering around. Just don’t get caught up and miss out on everything else Łódź has to offer.

If you’d like any more tips on places to go or things to do in Łódź, just comment below.

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