The Black Madonna – Łódź Day 11

When I first planned this trip and looked up Łódź to see where it was in Poland, the name Częstochowa caught my eye on the map. I grew up in a Catholic family and so I’d heard stories about pilgrimages to this place – home of the Black Madonna – an icon of the Virgin Mary housed at the Jasna Gora monastery. Thousands come from across to globe to kneel before it.

I kept it at the back of my mind throughout my hotel stay. It soon came to the time to think about heading home, and it struck me that this might be my only chance. I bought my tickets and got on the train. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.


The town of Częstochowa is easy enough to navigate. Outside the train station, you’ll find signs pointing straight to the long road up to Jasna Gora. Aim for early morning or at least arrive by noon at the latest. That’s when the pilgrims begin to climb the hill. They make the experience unforgettable, parading up the street with flowers, flags, and music. Such a joyful crowd.

Follow the path into the monastery. Some people choose to approach on their knees. I held back at first, wanting to watch others go first. Benches line the walls for silent reflection. And the icon… it’s just beautiful.


I recommend the experience for all, regardless of religion or beliefs. Inside the chapel, no one cares where you come from. You’re all there for a single purpose: to revel in the glory of the painting. It may have more meaning for some but that doesn’t stop tourists visiting who are simply fascinated by the history. Just make sure to be respectful at all times and wear appropriate attire since the chapel is a place of worship.

You’ll find several museums on site. There’s the Museum of the 600th Anniversary, as well as the Treasury and the Arsenal to visit. If you’d like to buy any souvenirs, please buy them within the monastery walls. The proceeds will go directly to the upkeep of the buildings. You can get your souvenirs blessed by a priest in the Basilica. And if you’d like to attend mass, you can book a slot just outside the monastery.


Visiting Częstochowa, regarded as the spiritual heart of Poland, is an unmissable experience. You may have concerns or reservations, but just go. It’s worth it.


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