A Special Goodbye – Łódź Day 12 & 13

My last days in Łódź were not spent visiting a tourist attraction or learning a new piece of its history. Instead, I was sucked into a tornado. I found myself pacing the cobbled streets, the  highlights of my trip flashing through my mind.

I used up all my money, save for the taxi fare to the aiport. I packed and re-packed my suitcase, leaving out the essentials like my laptop. I dined at the pancake restaurant for my last amazing meal.

I woke up, threw the rest of my possessions into the suitcase, and cast a final look aroud my room. It had been my home for a fornight. A quiet refuge to return to at night before setting out again the next day.

Reception called me a taxi. It was over.

I can’t stand goodbyes. So, instead of saying farewell to this historic city, I’m going to say ‘see you soon’. I’ll return one day, even if it’s just for the pancakes, even if I’m just passing through.

For now, it’s time to get back to sunny England.

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