Summer Skies – Balledent Day 1

Right in the middle of France you’ll find a small cosy little village with stone houses, plenty of sheep, and a single bar posing as bakery, restaurant, and pub all in one. This is the village of Balledent, where I spent a week during the summer exploring the local culture.



After a four hour coach ride to Stansted followed by the flight to France, we arrived too wiped out for any activities. Instead the afternoon was spent moving in to our accommodation, a massive 4-bedroom and 2-toilet house bought and built over the years by my Uncle. A river runs through their back garden that you can wade in on hot days, or in the case of one unfortunate family member, dive into headfirst holding a digital camera.



The house lies on the outskirts of Balledent and the walk to the village bar takes you past fields of sheep – a classic scene of village life. You’ll also see the boules yard, where families or friends can meet up for a friendly game. A little hint: the French take their boules very seriously.



After dinner we went for a stroll and a photo shoot of the picturesque scenes, including the bridge leading out of the village and the church outlined in the horizon. Then to bed ready for a fun day out shopping.


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