By The River – Balledent Day 4

Travel can take a lot out of you. Rushing from the plane to the train to the bus and back again. Constantly double checking you have all your possessions while simultaneously planning your route to the hotel and trying to keep an eye out for any sign of English in this foreign country.

Sometimes it’s a relief to have some of this stress lifted off your shoulders. Staying with family, having a friend pick you up, or just planning a break in your itinerary can help. At the end of the day, my aim is to explore cultures around the world, not rush through them so I don’t remember a thing. It’s important to slow down and see what you can discover around you.


That’s why our fourth day in the French countryside was spent in Bellac, a slightly larger village next to the one we were staying in. This one had a supermarket, though, where we could stock up on food supplies, and I could add to my postcard collection which just grows alarmingly larger with every trip. There was also some beautiful scenery to admire as we drove through.

The winding cobbled road through the centre lead over a bridge and down to a cafe by the river, where we could sit and relax, enjoying the fresh breeze across our faces. It was also the perfect opportunity for a photoshoot.


Once the sun began to set, we returned to our accommodation and spent the evening experimenting with hair chalk. I added some purple hue to my already green hair while my sister put some red streaks in hers. The effect was quite subtle but I liked it.

What do you guys think?


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